Family Stickers
Family Stickers

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Family Stickers

For Your Car

Family Stickers


Family Stickers

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Here at Stick People Sticker we specialize in creating custom window and bumper vinyl family stickers and decals for your car with what we think is the largest, most unique and lovable selection of stick figures on the internet.

You can choose from over 1000 stick people and theme items to build your own one-of-a-kind family sticker, just click on the tabs marked Theme Characters, Couples, Females, Males, Babies, Pets, Items or Families to create your Family Stick People Sticker

Family stickers are a fun way of expressing your family’s unique personalities and interests. We have a wide variety of theme characters, which include military, sports, occupations, hobbies, interests, seasons, climates and events. Stick figures for all occasions!

Create your very own stick figure family sticker today! Just click on the tabs above to see our selection of couples, males, females, babies, pets, theme characters and items. Then jot down the character number beneath each desired character (to be used when ordering your sticker.) You are now ready to click on the red tab marked “click here to order” and follow the easy directions. We thank you for your business and hope you enjoy your new stick people family sticker. Your satisfaction is our motivation! If you can't find it in this site, we will make it!


Family Stickers

Family Stickers

Full color Family Sticker


A basic family sticker consists of NOT more than 9 characters (chosen from Couples, Males, Females, Babies and Pets).  NOT to exceed 8" in height x 15" in width in WHITE vinyl.  If you choose more than 9 characters for your family sticker each additional character will cost an additional $2.00. Other additional costs include:

  • Names for each character - $2.00

  • Titles "The Jones Family" - $5.00

  • Them Characters - $2.00

  • Items - $2.00

  • Head switch - $5.00 per

  • Modifications - $5.00 per

  • New character design - $20.00 per




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